What is Social Commerce?

and why is it helpful?

In today’s society, almost everyone has interacted with social media, one way or another regardless of age. For many, the usage of social media has become a part of their daily routine, to some, social media has become a career.

But first, lets get a better understanding on what social commerce is. Social commerce is the act of traditional commerce but with elements of networking or messaging apps, this includes Facebook Messenger, Instagram and even WhatsApp.

So why is it helpful, and more importantly how can it help you?

1.  Great Starting Point
Social commerce is an excellent place for small businesses such as local boutiques and retailers. But it works incredibly well for those running their own shops on Instagram or Facebook. Without having to spend a single dollar, social commerce allows you to interact with consumers, promote and execute marketing unique strategies, buy and sell.

2.  Mobility
Studies shown that almost half of the world’s population spend more than 2 hours on social media. With that said, there is no better place to sell your products than a mall that is open literally 24 hours, always packed and rent free! Which is essentially what social commerce platforms like Instagram is, plus, customers don’t have to think about driving and parking, bonus!

3. Authenticity
Rather than an expensive, gigantic billboard or poster, social commerce builds a deeper connection with customers through authenticity. Here we are referring to the posts, authentic images of the product gives transparency and trust to customers especially those new to purchasing products digitally.

These are just some of the natural benefits you can gain as a small businesses owner. If you are looking to spruce things up for your social commerce store, ezBoxup offers a basic package that comes with features that can help better manage your store. The best part is that it doesn’t require any payment, so you can try it out to see if ezBoxup is something that suits your business.

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