E-commerce vs Social Commerce


What is the craze around Social Commerce lately and how is it different from eCommerce?

Lets begin by addressing what e-commerce is. In today’s world, the term e-commerce has been thrown around like a volleyball and almost everyone with a phone or a computer has encountered eCommerce in one way or another. So let’s clarify what e-commerce is.

Electronic commerce or better known as eCommerce, is the advancement of traditional commerce where the act of buying and selling takes place on the internet through websites and now with the inclusion of apps. We are talking about Lazada, Shopee, Zalora you name it, these sites are all eCommerce platforms.

Social commerce is slightly similar however, Social Commerce narrows down to commerce made within networking or messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Messanger, WeChat or LINE.

So what are some of the advantages of Social Commerce?

1. Customer Experience

Because you, the merchant, is actively participating in the customer journey, its easier to form a relationship with the customers that is much like the ones created in traditional commerce.

One advantage however is that you give breathing space to customers, instead of idling behind your customers waiting for them to ask you a question, no pressure.

2. Reduced Cost

When it comes to going digital, it may be intimidating with itching questions. A popular one is about building a website, not everyone is equipped with the knowledge, hiring someone could solve your problem but it could get costly.

With social commerce, these messaging apps IS your website. Although, this isn’t to say that you won’t be needing a website but social commerce helps get started with your store.

3. Better Organization

If you deal with a lot of customers on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp, chances are keeping track on your conversations with customers can tend to get unmanageable. And the last thing you want is to forget about a customer’s question.

Social Commerce can often help merchants be better organized when it comes to managing conversations with customers.

4. Easier Data Gathering

Keeping track on your customer tend to be tedious chore in traditional commerce, and some of you might be under the notion that you would need to hire an expert to keep install a database for your customers data which can tend to get pricey.

However, customer data gathering has gotten easier with social commerce. No more needing to key in customer details manually as everything is done simultaneously for you.

These are just some of the advantage of Social Commerce. Did you know Social Commerce has helped many businesses around the world find success by being using social commerce as a stepping stone, from home bakers to your local boutiques.

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