Custom Couriers and standard mailing rates


Courier Listing and Rates

Here is a list of couriers supported by ezBoxup which is Ninja Van and EasyParcel. We’ll be supporting more couriers in the future.


You can choose your preferred logistic provider even if they are not integrated with ezBoxup.

However, do note that ezBoxup does not support shipment pickup and tracking in this case. You will need to prepare all the relevant documents of delivery and complete the fulfillment of the order by yourself.

For Ninja van’s shipping rates for Malaysia, as of January 2021.

Mail / Deliver To
Parcel Weight
West Malaysia
East Malaysia
below 1.0 kg
RM 6.50
RM 14
below 2.0 kg
RM 7.30
RM 24
below 3.0 kg
RM 8.10
RM 36
below 4.0 kg
RM 8.90
RM 45
below 5.0 kg
RM 9.70
RM 55
above 5.0 kg
Please check with your courier provider to set your shipping price

For Ninja van’s shipping rates to Singapore, as of January 2021.

Mail / Deliver To
Parcel Weight
below 1.0 kg
RM 17.30
below 2.0 kg
RM 21.10
below 3.0 kg
RM 24.90
below 4.0 kg
RM 28.70
below 5.0 kg
RM 32.60
above 5.0 kg
Please check with your courier provider to set your shipping price
Terms & Conditions:
  1. Rate shown is for one-way delivery only and does not include SST
  2. Charges are by per parcel basis, according to actual weight or volumetric weight (whichever is higher)
  3. Pickup reservation has to be done at least 1 day in advance
  4. Orders must be properly uploaded into Ninja Van systems
  5. Liability is limited to RM200 per parcel if lost/damaged
  6. Delivery (with 3 parcels & above) of Ninja Packs to your doorstep is free of charge
  7. Returns Fee : additional RM4 of Standard Rate
  8. If a consignment to Singapore is above SGD 400, a processing fee “Permit Fee” (RM40) as well as prevailing duties and taxes will incurred. This means that consignment valued below SGD 400 are not subject to duties or taxes
  9. If Singapore customer rejects the parcel, or if 3 valid attempts have been exhausted, the parcel will store at Singapore for further instruction within 60 days. Instruction such as :
    • Return back to Malaysia
    • Dipose
    • Re-deliver in Singapore
  10. After 60days no instruction from shipper, RTS parcel will be auto disposed.

Note: These are just estimated shipping prices that you will need to pay to Ninja Van (or other courier providers). Please double-check with your courier provider for a more accurate rate.

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