Know more about ezBoxup features. Sure you in love with ezBoxup.

Auto Update Payment Status
Real time updates on your customer’s order thru email as confirmation notify. It’s assuring merchant and customers to receive the fastest and accurate order confirmation.
Auto Capture Customer's Data
Capturing customers’ data and information manually could be inconvenient. Here we do it for you! ezBoxup will automatically capture your customers’ data such as email, order history and more, allowing you to access the important data and save up your time!
Make Your Order Simplified

We have made the online order process easier for both merchant and customer through mobile commerce with just a simple link, allowing merchant to keep track on customer history and transaction process easily and accurately.

Accessible on All Social Platform

ezBoxup making sure you are connected to the wide commerce platforms. Order link sharing via any social media eg: Facebook Live, Facebook Post, Instagram Bio, Instagram story, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other social media platform. It even sharable to any communication app(s) eg: WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram, Email and more. All in accessible just to make sure your customers proceed with the order in convenient and no boundaries way with any platform.

Flexible Shipping Methods

Shipping in bulk or by pieces? Not to worry, we have integrated (courier) with ezBoxup for your convenience.

Here is a list of couriers that are able to help you ship internationally:

Flexible Payment Methods

ezBoxup provides flexibility payment methods, accepting various payment method via credit or debit cards, FPX and e-Wallets. Allow merchants to have a flexible way to serve customers.

Auto Sync Orders

Once order link being shared via social media or communication app(s), all purchase order will be sync automatically. This allow merchant to sync all data into purchase report such as weekly / monthly order, earning, order status, customers’ data and more. Merchants can be accessible to all purchase record and data anytime and anywhere.

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