Refund Policy

Refund Policy

  • Buyer will only be refunded after ezBoxup has received the confirmation from Merchant that Merchant as per followings:
    1. Received the returned item / Out of stock
    2. Services not deliverable
    3. Double or overpayment
    4. Fraud items or dishonour service
  • The refund will be made to buyer’s credit/debit card, eWallet or designated bank account whichever is applicable. For FPX refund, the refund only to designated bank account.

Installment Refund

  • If buyer request for a refund for products paid in installments, these terms apply:
    1. Refunds will be made for all items if the order only contains 1 unique product despite      multiple variations within it.
    2. For example, buyer bought 5 items. Hence, refund will be in full amount as buyer is not able to have partial refund for 2 items out of 5)


  • There will be no interest charge on both buyer & merchant upon successfully refunded to the credit card or ewallet holder. While there will be a processing fee charge on merchant account according to 5.4 Charges & Time of Refund table.

Procedure of Refund

  • Merchant to fill up the Merchant Service Request (MSR) form and submit to ezBoxup either by hand or email:
  • Finance Department processes the MSR form and verification from merchant & merchant’s account manager. Incomplete MSR form will be return to Merchant by email.
  • Verifying process:
    a. Verified success – Process to refund
    b. Verified failed – 
    MSR form will be return to Merchant by written email with reason.

  • Refunding process:
    Refund success – Email notified to Merchant and Card holder
    Refund failed – ezBoxup will request Merchant to resubmit MSR form and back to Step No. 2.

Charges & Time of Refund

Payment Method Working Days Processing fee on merchant account

Visa / Master / 6 & 12 mths EPP

E- Wallet


7 - 14

2 - 3

2 - 3

RM 0.50 / refund + RM 0 transaction fee

RM 0.50 / refund + RM 0 transaction fee

RM 1.00 / refund + RM 0 transaction fee

*** Exemption / Waiver of processing fees are subject to management approval / by case-to-case basis.


  • Merchant is not allowed to refund to their own Merchant bank
  • Merchant is not allowed to combine all the refund amount from different credit card / e-Wallet holder or buyer’s payment and refund to the same bank account
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